Pine honey

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Greek pine honey

This Greek honey comes specifically from the pine tree from Samos. The pine is a sacred tree in Greece, and is part of the pine family. The pine honey is a special honey. The bees can only collect their nectar from the Greek pine tree for about 3 weeks, this is because the tree only opens for this during these weeks.


Pine honey has up to 30% less sugar

Pine honey contains less glucose than other honey, resulting in less sugar. We can pronounce this by testing the honey. This Greek honey may have a low sugar content, but it is certainly not less tasty! Because the honey contains less sugar, it actually tastes better and you can enjoy it even more. The honey from the pine tree is wonderfully sweet and full of flavour.


Healthy pine honey

In addition to the fact that this honey contains less sugar, this pine honey is full of natural minerals and vitamins. This of course means high nutritional values, resulting in a healthy honey. Our honey is always 100% natural, unprocessed and without added sugars! We are the only webshop where you can buy this Greek honey online.